cedar garland

We offer fresh cedar garland, sold by the foot.  What a festive way to add that wonderful scent of Christmas to your home!

wreath making

In the "old days", we made wreaths by wrapping together evergreen boughs with wire.   These days, boughs are added to a round metal frame with pegs, which are pinched together to contain the boughs. We have a machine that enables us to more easily pinch together these pegs - make sure to look for the wreath machine in our Precut Barn, if you are interested in seeing how wreaths are made!  The making of a wreath really is an art form - it takes a while to get the knack for how to position the branches, combine the greens and accents, to make that perfect wreath.

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Fresh Christmas wreaths


Choose from a variety of 12" or 16" wreaths (as measured by the ring that forms the wreath).  Our fresh Noble Fir wreaths are accented with cedar and pine, and we have a variety of unique fresh wreaths made with holly, juniper, pine, incense cedar, bay and more! 



To preserve our natural wreaths, it is best to avoid hanging them near a heat source or in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.  If you are in a warm climate like we sometimes have here in Northern California, and the wreath will be hanging outside (especially if it will be in afternoon sun), you might consider waiting 'til early December to display your wreath.   With care, your wreath will last through the Christmas season!



If you're interested in adding some color to your beautiful evergreen wreath, we have a variety of festive bows and decorations that we will combine to offer you a fully decorated wreath to take home. 

Custom Order

To order a larger wreath, please send us an email with your order by mid-November. Wreath's up to 40" are available.