We have a large selection of Noble Fir and Nordman Fir.  These popular Christmas trees are native to a high elevation and we bring them in fresh-cut from Silverton, Oregon.


The Noble Fir has medium length silver-green needles, and strong, separated branches. The Noble Fir is slow growing (8-10 inches per year) so by the time they reach a marketable size they tend to be rather heavy. Noble Fir has excellent needle retention and has an appealing scent that will remind you of a walk in the forest.

The Nordman Fir is very similar to the Noble fir. The branches are sturdy with separated branches. Like the Noble Fir, this tree is surprisingly heavy for its size. One distinguishing feature is that the underside of the branch has a beautiful silver color.


From the day they arrive we keep our pre-cut trees in water and they spend most of their time with us in shade. By going the extra mile to keep our trees fresh, they will stay green and hydrated until you choose the perfect tree  for your holiday celebration.  As with all trees, it is important to make a fresh cut  (about one inch from  the bottom of the trunk) before taking the tree into your home.

The Silver Tip is native to the high elevations in California. The trees slow growth and open growth pattern makes this a holiday favorite for decorating. The name “Silver Tip” refers to the color and placement of the needles. It holds needles very well, and stiff branches hold heavy ornaments.

Beneficial to the Environment

We take great pride in caring for our trees - they are planted for the sole purpose of being the centerpiece of your family's Christmas celebration. In addition to the joy of having a real tree, you can celebrate the fact that real trees benefit the environment during their years of growth.

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Christmas Trees

We are Tree Fresh Certified by the California Christmas Tree Growers' Association, which means we are trained in the best scientific techniques of tree care.  As part of their Code of Ethics, we promise to display our cut trees in water and to answer any of your questions about the care of your tree.  To download our Tree Care Card, click here.



We have 100s of trees marked with price tags on our 10 acre farm for you to cut.  Our most popular tree ( and the most plentiful) is the Douglas Fir.  This tree species is native to our area and grows well in our climate. We plant Douglas Fir every year so we have all sizes, with a number of trees - 9 foot to over 12 foot - come early for best selection.  We also have beautiful White Fir, White Spruce, Scotch Pine, Grand Fir and Monterey Pine.

Douglas Fir - the traditional Christmas tree for Northern California, with soft, green, medium length needles, and a "Christmas tree" scent with a hint of vanilla. We prune our Douglas Fir to grow about 14 inches in height each year so that the branches grow close together and the tree has dense foliage.

Scotch Pine - is used as a Christmas tree nationwide and ranges from a deep  green to a deep green-blue color, with medium-length sharp needles. One of the best features of the Scotch Pine is the sturdiness of its' branches. The strong boughs will hold very heavy ornaments (such as crystal ornaments), and have excellent needle retention. 

White Fir - is a high elevation tree native to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since White Fir normally grows at 4,000 feet, this tree is difficult to find in our climate. Garlock Tree Farm is one of the only farms in Sonoma County  where you can cut your own White Fir!   The White Fir is often mistaken for a "Silver Tip" as they both grow symmetrically with gaps between the branches. The White Fir is slow growing, with short to medium length needles.  The tree shows off ornaments beautifully because of the separated branches. Color can be silver green or silver blue (but ironically never white). The scent is sharp with a hint of citrus.


White Spruce - this is another unusual find at Northern California Christmas tree farms.  The White Spruce has nice separation between branches for displaying ornaments and the boughs are surprisingly sturdy for such a delicate looking tree. This species has very short, beautiful silver green color needles. 


Grand Fir- this tree is native to the Pacific Northwest with the Gualala/Sea Ranch area of Sonoma County being it's southern-most natural range. They are not very happy at this elevation, so if you're lucky enough to find one, this tree has a deep dark green color, nice separation between the branches, medium length needles and soft delicate branches.

Monterey Pine - is a faster growing tree which requires pruning twice a year. We time our second pruning to take advantage of a natural characteristic of this tree to grow long needles ( 4-5 inches long ).  This tree has very sturdy branches, which we prune to exhibit dense foliage.

Incense Cedar and Murray Cypress - are faster growing trees which require pruning twice a year, like the Monterey Pine.  These trees have  lacy foliage with sturdy branches and a lemony scent.