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Many of our customers appreciate this optional service...  The primary purpose of shaking the tree is to remove older needles from inside the tree, and any unwanted spiders or insects. On occasion you might ever see a bird's nest or other oddity fall from the tree as well!


Unless you have a pickup truck and aren't driving very far, you will appreciate the option of having plastic netting wrapped around your tree.  Not only does the netting protect branches from windburn and potential damage while fitting it in or on your car, the netting makes the tree easier to handle when you take it into the house and put it in the stand.




We have trained staff who have years of experience to help you tie-down your tree to your car or SUV. Our experts will make sure that your fresh tree arrives home safely.


We provide sharp saws, free of charge, to each customer so that they can enjoy the experience and adventure of cutting down their own tree. Some customers would prefer to have the tree cut down for them, especially if the tree is large. We are happy to help assist our customers in cutting down a tree, and transporting it down the hill.