​​​​​​​Garlock Christmas

Tree Farm

Celebrating 50+ Years of Growing Family Traditions! 

2275 Bloomfield Road, Sebastopol CA 95472  *  707-823-4307

​COVID-19 Precautions

We look forward to maintaining as much normalcy as possible while adhering to the current Sonoma County COVID-19 guidelines.  We are also happy to announce that we WILL be open, despite the 12/12/20  Regional Stay Home Order which begins at 12:01am on Saturday, 12/12/20.  "Under the order, retail operations will be allowed to continue at 20 percent capacity." 

We are doing a number of things to keep you, our customers, and our staff safe:

  • Holiday Store / Check-out moved to a larger, open air area (former precut barn where Santa usually hangs out), click here for photos!
  • Touchless payment options as well as rapid checkout options,
  • Numbers limited inside Holiday Store and social distancing customers,
  • Face masks required while inside, and anywhere on the property when 6' or less from anyone besides your family members,
  • Hand sanitizing stations around the farm,
  • Bathrooms, saws / carts frequently sanitized,
  • Activities reduced to those we can safely offer,
  • Food items limited to prepackaged options,
  • Customers recommended to watch video on how to tie down trees,
  • Appointment times available on Tuesday-Friday from 11am-12pm. NOTE: Not necessary any other time. 
  • Rapid Check-out for anyone who wants to avoid going into the Store.

We will be open weekends, as well as weekdays (except Mondays), in an attempt to reduce crowds on weekends.